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CCFC Amicus Brief re: Doyne

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The link below is an explanation of the lack of regulation and “free radical” status of Doyne and other court-appointed evaporators.  Bottom line: If they try to screw you over (and many allege they have), you have no recourse.  As in NO WAY to report, sue, punish, recover from, jail, etc. etc. etc. other than appeal to a Family Court judge (with whom they work on a regular basis–they’re practically business partners).  I can’t see how any family law lawyer can ethically recommend use of Doyne or any of these “immunized” to any of their clients–they should be sued for conspiracy to defraud under federal law.

The eye-opening brief:

California Coalition for Families and Children Brief re: Stephen Doyne


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  1. Cole Stuart says:

    Parents: If you have a complaint against Doyne or other CA custody evaluators, file it with the CA Board of Psychology HERE. Also it will be helpful to listen to the last half of the interview of the Board about what type of complaints work and which don’t. I’ll post an article summarizing the Board’s advise about how to file effective complaints soon–stay tuned!


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