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How NOT to get divorced… Maybe someday we’ll laugh about it? (Lynn Stuart)

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Man Who Bought My Wife. Lynn Stuart, Croix Stuart, Matthew Horsley

Lynn Stuart, Matt Horsley, Croix Stuart

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California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC


To those seeking information

. . .  about Stephen Doyne and San Diego Child Custody Evaluators, we here offer what will hopefully be an enlightened perspective from a parent who’s seen several sides of the issue.  Feel free to comment here or join the discussion at www.carpedicta.com.

By now the “big news” we’ve been advertising is out of the bag–if you’re here you probably have already read about the RICO/civil rights lawsuit filed against Doyne and the San Diego Family Courts. In short, San Diego parents and children harmed by Doyne and friends’ criminal racketeering, fraud, and unbelievably callous and illegal “winner take all” high stakes parental death match are taking action to stop Doyne and others from the gravely destructive and demonstrably illegal practices in family court.  We’ve been shocked at how judges, attorneys, and “evaluators” such as Doyne successfully bilk parents out of their children’s college…

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  1. Shelby D says:

    Doyne follows the “Greenbook” http://www.thegreenbook.info/documents/BJA.pdf which states that in any domestic violence allegation 95% of the time it’s the man’s fault, no matter what. In other words, if you’re the guy and she alleges any violence–you lose regardless. Big mistake to see Doyne or anyone else that follows the “Greenbook” such as Family Justice Center or National Assn’s of Juvenile Family Court Judges. If you’re they guy, you need to realize the deck is severely stacked against you. If you’re a woman–you’ll love Doyne.

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