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The Domestic Dispute Industry–The Criminal Cartel You’ve Grown to Know and Love.

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Dr. Stephen Doyne: “Certified Forensic Criminal Investigator”, Yet Sells Himself as a “caring listener”: Like any CSI, listening, watching, investigating, and building a case . . .


To those seeking information

. . .  about Stephen Doyne and San Diego Child Custody Evaluators, we here offer what will hopefully be an enlightened perspective from a parent who’s seen several sides of the issue.  Feel free to comment here or join the discussion at www.carpedicta.com.

By now the “big news” we’ve been advertising is out of the bag–if you’re here you probably have already read about the RICO/civil rights lawsuit filed against Doyne and the San Diego Family Courts. In short, San Diego parents and children harmed by Doyne and friends’ criminal racketeering, fraud, and unbelievably callous and illegal “winner take all” high stakes parental death match are taking action to stop Doyne and others from the gravely destructive and demonstrably illegal practices in family court.  We’ve been shocked at how judges, attorneys, and “evaluators” such as Doyne successfully bilk parents out of their children’s college funds with a kind handshake, smile, and knife in the back.  He’s gotten away with it for years, but now that dozens of parents have found each other, compared notes, and mobilized on the internet and in state and federal courts, the noose is out.  As we predicted at the April 10, 2010 SDCBA Seminar--Dr. Doyne is Dr. Done.

The cards of this round are already dealt.  The hand, if played out as expected, leaves little more than parents picking out who lives to tell the other scoundrels about the slaughter of Doyne and other deserving souls that’s now underway.  But one question remains: Why? Why would intelligent human beings, even ones eager to earn a buck, inflict such misery on children and parents who are already in probably the most stressful event in their lives?  Why would people who otherwise probably go to church, share in their communities, and have families of their own so willfully inflict the terror of the power they wield to hurt–rather than help–those less fortunate than them?  Doyne calls himself a “Dr.”-a healer.  What self-respecting human who’s responsible for buckets full of parents’ and children’s tears, sorrow, and pain–for decades to come–think he deserves the respect that title brings?  Clearly not human–what creatures are these?

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Dr. Stephen Doyne: Forensic (Criminal) Investigator and Leader of San Diego Family Court Judges: In his care clients have murdered their children, committed suicide, been thrown in jail, targeted by him for false child abuse allegations, disbarred, bankrupted, ruined careers, homeless, and rivers of pain. His response: “They’re all animals.”

Evil. Disgrace. Unspeakable horror.  Sham.  But of those few words that do come to my mind, none more fitting than these:

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

~Albert Einstein

Whatever “these creatures” are, they’re soon to be gone.  The parents, children, and families intended to be the benefactors of “Family Court” will no longer “don’t do anything about it.”

From a brilliant American mind on the issue of tyranny and the “shabby” silent lies that nurse it’s fragile existence,

In the meantime, a bit of history.  I attach below a letter I originally delivered to Dr. Doyne in early 2009 after many months and many thousands of dollars of “mediation” that became a highly destructive money pit.  I recently “unearthed” this letter from my records (it’s now four years old).  Reading the letter after years of dealing with this man and the cesspool of divorce courts, evaluators, and attorneys is eye-opening.

With perspective I can see that I was extremely naive in thinking my input to Doyne would receive fair attention.  He billed (and bills) himself as a “forensic psychologist”–someone who goes deeper than merely listening to complaints and helping work out problems.  However, in my case he did no forensic work whatsoever–In fact, Doyne ignored all of the red flag warning signs I highlighted for him.  He performed no investigation whatsoever into the very serious concerns of child and spousal abuse.

After months and thousands of dollars with no progress, shortly after I sent this letter (and after receiving yet another $2,500 bill from Doyne) I told him I was done–he was making no progress on any issue I advanced, but was instead focusing on an endless list of petty “concerns” by my ex.  You can see my frustration in the letter.

10-17-2013 10-42-36 AM

Dr. Stephen Doyne; Custody Evalutor to Child Abusers: Science for Sale

He’s neither a forensic nor a clinician–he’s a very convincing fraud.  Though he charges huge bills, he did in my case no “forensic” work whatsoever.  He relies heavily on the MMPI–a controversial “personality survey.”  Rather than do the digging required for real forensic work, he prefers the MMPI “crystal ball.”  Ask any “real” psychologist and you’ll learn the entire profession of psychology treats Doyne and his “evaluator” colleagues as carnival midway sharpers.  I’ll post more later on a book by Margaret Hagen that’s available now online for free at www.whoresofthecourt.com.  If you’re  parent it’s an eye-opening read.

What Doyne does well is encourage strife and perpetuate fees.  In my case he did nothing whatsoever to even address the very serious “forensic” issues I raised, instead billing to “resolve” petty non-issues that any fifth grader with a two-sided coin could have resolved.  When I read the letter below today I get chills recalling the terror he blindly allowed, and billed extravagantly, to overtake our divorce.

In short, the people he pitches his services to–“high conflict”–are far more likely to be harmed (and bankrupted) than helped.  If you’re into bloodlust, be my guest. You’ll regret it soon enough.  The people who have a peaceful time don’t need him anyway, but he’ll be happy to fill his empty appointment calendar and take your child’s college fund or your next vacation fund for as long as you need him to make you feel better. (Fast forward ten years: “Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! Feel better now that I have to take $100,000 in loans just to go to Junior College?  But, hey, at least we can qualify for low income loans since you tanked everyone’s savings and career in the divorce!  THANKS!!!).

If you want a crook, you’ve found him in Doyne.  If you want peace, run.  Especially if he or she is angry, manipulative, and/or aggressive.  If he/she’s not (and/or you’re not), you don’t need Doyne anyway, so why spend the money? Resources like uptoparents.com are free and far, far more healthy.

Best of luck parents. I hope you can learn from my mistakes, and the mistakes of other victims of the San Diego divorce industry.

God Bless.


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