Home » Law » CCFC Receives Third “Take Down” Notice from California Highway Patrol, Judicial Threat Unit for Filing Civil RICO Complaint against San Diego Judges

CCFC Receives Third “Take Down” Notice from California Highway Patrol, Judicial Threat Unit for Filing Civil RICO Complaint against San Diego Judges

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Notice_ Communication Received Regarding Your WordPress_Redacted_Page_1

CCFC responds to California Highway Patrol Detective Brian Watkins’ “take down” threat re: Civil RICO filing: “It’s not illegal to sue judges, but harassing parents for dong so is!”



  1. Cole Stuart says:

    Parents–if you’d care to share your opinions on this issue, please note that Officer Watkins, Detective Smith, and Sergeant Marcq’s email addresses are identified in the post. Exercise your free speech rights and copy us–we’ll post here!

  2. cherie says:

    In Marin family court m.f. Beverly wood who give our children to rapiest child/mother abusers fugitive like herself ! Nazi Marin family court r in action tell all fuck off

  3. monkette31 says:

    Dear Officer, Detective and Sergeant,

    Why are you harassing this man for exercising his rights as an American citizen? Filing a legal document in this country is still legal, so far as I know the Kremlin hasn’t taken over yet. People have died in order to protect free speech in this country and maybe some of those people are/were your relatives. I too have relatives that fought for this country to maintain these rights but the minute the government turns on it’s own people, something has obviously failed and I think you are now part of that failure.

    Please think of what this man is doing, he is fighting for your family too. Would you like your grandchildren to accidently get caught up in this cps system? You know, unless you’re the 1%, it only takes one generation to spin a new class of people. Please read more about the issue, your future families will thank you. Think about the time when it was okay to do all this, prosecute the minorities and the poor, these days they have upped the ante, they’re hitting the middle class for the money. It’s an industry now fellas, it’s not about protecting children anymore, it’s about making money for them…not you.

    Please stop with the threats.

    Elizabeth Freebird

    E-mailed to brian.watkins@chp.ca.gov, court-orders@wordpress.com, cole.stuart@lexevia.com

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