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CCFC v. SDCBA LAWSUIT PLEADINGS: California Coalition for Families and Children v. San Diego County Bar Association, United States District Court, Southern District California, Case No. 13cv1944-CAB-BLM

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CCFC Members at April 15, 2010 SDCBA Family Law Subsection Meeting






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  1. Linda Souza says:

    This is TRUE as they KIDNAPPED my TWO autistic girls and alienated them from me ALL BECAUSE I WAS DIAGNOSED with a very mild case of aspergers. Family has been denied because they don’t want ne around them at ALL~!! http://www.aspiemomto3girls.blogspot.com plus http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/autistic-and-medically-abused-in-foster-care-help-me-pay-for-an-attorney

  2. I have also been through hell. My kids can testify to that. They are now 13, 17, 19, 21 and my 17 year old has not seen her father in 3 years. She is permanently injured by his damage to her left arm. Her little sister has not seen her dad in 2 years, his choice. He left, he might be in Texas somewhere. I am still in the courts trying to get the courts to let me get the financials from their father, as he is a millionaire, owns many companies, but the courts are helping him conceal it from me. For details see my story on the nowhere near finished site fixfamilycourtsnow.org I hope people that have been pushed down will get up and fight. If you ever had a horrible court experience,. the cost you children, or finances, get involved and keep this from recurring. The amount of money taxpayers pay for me and my 4 kids,. due to their dad just running off after being helped by the courts, is staggering. Multiply it by the number of persons that have been damage by the courts actions. There is the California budget. I have joined GOODSEARCH and it has donated $21.00 to the nonprofit fixfamilycourtsnow.org Or donate to the California Coalition here. If you have money, help, if you have time, help, if you care, make time. If you sit idly by, you are just as much at fault as the system that broke. I know of no nicer way to say it. If you don’t do whatever you can to help,. then you really can’t complain about it. Great job CCFC!!! Let me know what I can do to help. I have COURTWATCHERS TEE SHIRTS for FREE to anyone who wears them to sit in court hearings (not their own of course). fixfamilycourt@yahoo.com Anyone who wants to help.

    • Cole Stuart says:

      Thank you Ms. Edumnds. Your progress is impressive despite the trouble you’ve encountered along the way. Winston Churchill said “When you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

      We follow that advice and hopefully set a path for others going through it too to see alternative pathways out.

      Stay focused, stay true, and don’t quit!

      • Jennifer Grant says:

        The San DIego Probate Court is also guilty of raqueteeering with professional fiduciaries and probate lawyers. Not only is this type of behavior illegal under federal statute, but it is also a crime under California Penal Code 186 and specifically California Penal Code 186.2 (a) (6). Unfortunately the California legislature opened the door for this by banning jury trials (what should be a basic U.S. CItizen right) in probate matters and allowing a fiduciary who is wrongly appointed by the court to collect monies for the time they hold the position.
        I personally have fought off 5 attorneys, 1 private fiduciary, 3 probate judges and a brother who holds a high power position with the federal government for 3 years as a pro per. I would like to speak to Mr Cole directly and align with those of you who are fighting a corrupt San Diego judicial system. Something needs to be done before other lives are destroyed. I have lost the home I was suppose to inherit and have been personally financially ruined while the San Diego justice system collects my money that they are in need of to build their $555m new courthouse. Can you please contact me. I would like to help and I need help to stop this corruption.
        Thank you.

  3. Although unfortunate, these sorts of legal abuses are hardly confined to family law.

    Huge companies, raking in billions each year, have the resources for hired guns to victimize small companies via the legal system. Soulless attorneys, obviously lacking any established ethical or moral standards and acting on behalf of their multi-billion dollar paymasters, are free to drive the little guy into the ground.

    For example, a small company (vendor) who is meeting its contractual service obligations to a much larger company (customer). The customer then out of the blue, arbitrarily decides to walk away from the contract and not pay. Customer has very deep pockets and can spend all kinds of money on attorneys to defend their position. Vendor has no option but to roll-over and mitigate the loss in their own attorneys fees, with absolutely no shot at getting what is due (per the terms of the contract).

    Small companies are run and staffed by people with families…..families who suffer the consequences.

    So, family court is not the only place where massive injustices are served up on a daily basis.

    For those who have taken part in feeding the beast in the legal system, and now find themselves on the receiving end, there’s this thing called karma. Bon Appetit!

  4. David Soffer says:

    I read about your case and can not espress how much I admire you. I have suffered from the same corrupt judicial system in which the lawyers, judges, police, and prosecutors have all the power to take legal action against each other when tehy do wrong so they don’t. The dirty litle secret is that they all just leave each other alone as much as possible unless it is unavoideable. That way they can all get away with whatever they want.

    I filed a law suit agaisnt Chase for th e5 years I had to respond to bogus offers of mortgage assistance or face foreclosure. I sued for Fraud Oppression, and Malice. However I had previusly been teh victim of totally corrupt police, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. I was wrongfully criminally prosecuted for e a year before compelling the DA to drop the charge and as a result of the arrest, the person who filed teh complaint (my neighbor) sued me. that case dragged on for 2 years and in teh end I had to represent myself to compel teh plaintiff to drop teh case agaisnt me on the day of trial. I cannot tell you what I have been through and what I have learned about how corrupt the insurance companies and banks are and how tehy control the lawyeres who control teh judges, etc.

    After filing my complaint, I scheduled a hearing for Injuctive relief and told Judge Wohlfeil’s clerk Lisa that I had been through the criminal and civil courts and saw how corrupt they are and when this was recorded on transcripts and declarations,e tc. the clerks just loose the case file! As a result, when I appeared for my hearing Judge Wohlfeil refused to hear me and teh bailiff approached me and told me I had to leave or she would cal teh Sheriff. I filed an Affidavit attacking Judge Wohlfeil for violating my Right to Free Speech. He shoul drecuse himself but instead continues to preside over my case.

    The firm representing Chase fired teh Attorney hanling the case after I filed an Affidait stating the ANswer had no merit and she was violating the Attorney Code of Conduct. However after that this same atttorney went ahead anywyay and filed documents to have my case agaisnt Chase dismised without even a hearing or serving me with the documents! The clerks then simply vacated the Case Management Conference for Oct. 31, rubber stamped these documents, made entries of dismissal on the Register of Actins, switched the status from Pending to dismissed!!!!!

    However the lead attorney for Chase who fired her, proceeded to file a Case Management Statement for the hearing on October 31st. after the case had already been dismissed! SO the court had to switch it back from dismissed to Pending again!!!! I called in to the hearing on Oct. 31 and asked Judge wohlfeil why the case was dismissed and switched abck to Pending but he told me he di dnot need tohear from me and after setting a trial date stated it woul be a Bench Trial even thlugh I stated I wasnted a Jury Trial and he would not answer me when I questined this. tehn he jsut hung up the phone!!

    If there is anything I can do to help attack this Judge, I would be glad to testify as to my experience. Please call me so we can try to network with other people to do something about this totally corrupt Judicial System. I am already in contact with others such as Laura Markins who has has a Website. Perhaps we can be of asistance to each other. thank you.

    David Soffer

  5. aaron woodruff says:

    san diego probate court failed to enforce visitation. also judge jessol ruling was based on false information givin by guardian. i contested and offered proof, but judge refused to believe me. i have proof. there was a criminal protective order falsly in place that had been in sd ounty computer, but charges were dropped. county clerk failed to remove the order when charges were dropped. the judge admitted never seeing the order, i said i never seen it, he asked guardians lawyer and she lied, but neither judge nor myself caught it until i purchased the transcripts. the judge asked if atty tancredi had a copy of the cpo she said yes we do but as yet we havent been able to get a copy of it. she lied. because there wasnt one. because of that the judge ruled i could not tell my son that i was his father. the lawyer catherine tancredi has since been disbarred. i was done an injustice. the court failed me. and is still failing me because i cannot afford a probate lawyer. please help

  6. Jennifer G. says:

    Hi aaron:

    I am a little confused as Judge Jessol seems to be a family law judge, not probate. Does your case combine both family and probate issues?

    Pro pers are definately discriminated against and what you have experienced is not uncommon. Lawyers lie, judges rule in the favor of the lawyers and view pro pers as always wrong against a lawyer, outside agencies won’t get involved. It makes one feel hopeless and overwhelmed. The modus operandi against pro pers that works very well in conservatorships, guardianships, trusts, etc is to take down the pro per by making them look bad to discredit them and keep continuing matters to wear them down financially, etc.

    I am also a pro per. Please know there are many of us out there that are going through various versions of what you have been experiencing.

    It seems your ruling was made in family law court. You may be able to guise the issue a little differently, in a way that the family law ruling would NOT create res judicata (meaning that its already been ruled on) that you could bring in probate court. All california codes can be found on the internet. You can google “family code” “probate code” etc. Look at the indexes and find sections that might apply and then read the codes to find ones you can use. Google your issues and look for attorney websites that address your issue. They will give you clues what types of documents you may be able to file or codes that apply. You can then google the type of document suing the word “sample” or “example” and basically customize it. You can look at code indexes and read catagories that might contain something helpful to you. However, if you can get to a law library start with a manual such as “The California practice guide to…….”. These manuals not only discuss law applicable, but give cases that apply as well you can use in discussing “case precedent”. Tell the librarian what issue you need help with. They can’t give legal advice, but they can guide you to resources that may contain answers.

    Law is just basically intelligent copying.

    What you need is a paper trail. Seek how you might create one. Read about appeals (court website) or find out if you can bring a motion for reconsideration or ex-parte (read the San Diego local rules and California Rules of Court regarding ex-partes, CCP 1008 regarding motions for reconsideration) to see if your situation qualifies. You may lose again, but the paper trail may be what eventually gets your opposition at some point.

    Being a pro per is a tremendous amount of emotion and work. To prevail, you are going to need to not give up and keep fighting. It is a long drawn out process which is difficult to admit in an age where ‘instant disneyland’ reigns. The tactic in San Diego is to wear pro pers down through lack of finances and stress. If you come to a point you can’t afford things financially, see if you qualify for a fee waiver. Take care of yourself through whatever you need to do to have the physical and psychological/emotional endurance to fight. For me, I swim for an hour and a half almost everyday and eat extremely healthy. I also take natural supplements that fight stress inflammation and keep my immune system strong. My Christian faith and relationship with God are essential.

    At all times, you must think outside the box while staying within the law. The one advantage over the system pro pers have is that most lawyers do not know how to think outside the box. The evil ones become conditioned to the system and lazy within it. It also turns them into liars and sociolpaths. You have to outmanuever them by anticipating their laziness and expose their lies with a paper trail full of counteracting exhibits. Judges dont like to go to the appellate court. Keep this in mind.

    Think about what a judge would not want to look like in front of an appellate court. For example, if your arrest was false, they do not want to look like someone who denies parental rights to the harm of their child. Couch your arguments that way.

    It is intimidating to be around judges and vicious lawyers. Remember that they are only people just like you. They are not God. When there is right, there is a God who lets Davids slew Goliaths. If you love your son, search inside yourself for where you may have been wrong and got yourself in this position in the first place. It is hard to admit that there are no victims, only volunteers even if the victim has come to the arena by the hand of evil. If you need to change, confess, repair, correct something that got you in this mess, do so. Focus on the good you want to bring your son. Is there a way to achieve it no matter what is going on in court? If you cant tell him that you are his father, can you still bring love to him in some way?

    I wish I could help you more, but that would be giving legal advice which, as a non-lawyer is illegal. I just want to encourage you not to give up the fight. The system will eventually wear itself out if enough people hammer at it through actions like Family Coalition’s. All of us need to band together and fight it anyway that we can. Perhaps there will be demonstrations someday in front of the court house such as there recently were in front of the judicial commission in San Francisco. Hopefully Family Coalition will prevail and set case precedent in this state. Hopefully it will happen before the end of your case.

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