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CCFC Opens Its RICO Pleadings Filing Cabinet for Litigants, Professionals

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November 29, 2013–California Coalition for Families and Children announces opening its Family Court RICO Pleading File for use by parents, children, family court litigants, and professionals.

CCFC will maintain an open file containing pleadings, research, exhibits, and other resources for use by parents, children, families, litigants, and professionals seeking to initiate litigation in jurisdictions across the United States.  “The menace we’re combating is nationwide” Says Colbern Stuart, President of California Coalition.  “The Divorce Industry has quietly infiltrated state and federal legal, professional, and governmental institutions in all fifty states and continues unabated.  Unfortunately those empowered to stop its advance elsewhere have shown a lack of willpower, knowledge, or courage to enforce the law. The file cabinet contains legal analysis that shows how the industry works, why it is illegal, and how to combat it.  These are tools that can be copied and adapted for use in many local jurisdictions.”  Says Stuart.  The Coalition has filed its complaint in federal court in San Diego, CA, but because it is based on federal civil rights and trade and commerce laws, the analysis is applicable throughout the United States.  “After today, more vicitims will be empowered to act, and those already empowered to act but who are failing to do so will have one less excuse for not doing their job.”   Says Stuart.  “After today, there’s no more ‘ignorance of the law’ excuses for state officials.  Pay them now, or pay them later, but the bills for years of neglect, fraud, and abuse is coming your way very soon.”

Domestic Dispute Inudustry Litigant Resources available at www.weightiermatter.com



  1. Cherie Safapou1 week ago
    Family court becoming like a bank robbers with black ropes and bags, it is sad when one has to paint a dark picture of another in order to paint a “perfect”picture of themselves. it almost seems like they were taught in school how to offend every moral fiber of rightness kindness justice goodness that is left in humanity, and twist and distort all of our culture into something unfathomably evil that promotes denigration, alienation, disenfranchisement of mothers at every level leaving no stone upturned and no mind unpolluted. Tell them I am coming for everything they said i couldn’t have. They cannot kill my dreams so they assassinate my characters. Mayday we need help

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