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We Loved It! DivorceCorp Documentary Shows Why Parents Knew What They Were Talking About All Along–Finally!

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Divorce Corp Divorce Corp.: Documentary More Shocking than Anything Hollywood Can Imagine

Major thanks and congratulations to Director Joe Sorge, Producers Philip Sternberg and James Scurlock, and the rest of the DivorceCorp production team for an outstanding premier of DivorceCorp last night. “They’ve said for parents and children what has been ignored for decades. They system is very, very broken, and the fault lies squarely at the feet of judges, attorneys, and psychologists who profit from it.”  Says Cole Stuart, President of California Coalition.  “We’re grateful that Mr. Joe Sorge and his talented team lent their skill, intelligence, and credibility to a cause of those who’ve been maligned for doing nothing more abnormal than experiencing a rough breakup.   We’re hopeful that now finally the message of parents and children will be heard.”

The film tackles an immensely complicated social pestilence, woven by strands of intensely-personal human drama, with what seems like ease. The film poignantly captures the individual building blocks of personal tragedies by those cast into the maze of horrors that is divorce court, and constructs them for us to prove the true culprit–an edifice of institutionalized sin.  From the perspective Sorge and his team provide, we can “step back” from the personal experience to see that the source of our and our family’s and friends’ personal tragedies goes far deeper than a crooked divorce attorney or two, or a “mom vs. dad” “he said/she said” or “feminists vs. father’s rights” conflict, but a very well-executed plan designed by lawyers, judges, and erstwhile psychologists driven by greed, power, and a stunningly blind arrogance.

DivoreCorp explains how litigants fall prey to that system by buying into those stereotypes; how, by seeking to “win” a divorce, litigants guarantee their own failure, and usually the failure of those around them–except of course those who dug the pits and provided the tools of foolish self-destruction. It’s been said that a couple in divorce, “either wins together or loses together. There is no in between” DivorceCorp shows why, and, and how our own human faults feed a larger system geared to devour those who exhibit them. DivorceCorp is at once a relentlessly entertaining first-class documentary, and bone-chillingly real B-Movie horror film.

Congratulations to the DivorceCorp team for putting the powerful medium of film up to a task for which it is far too-infrequently used, and filling movie theaters with horror, laughter, tears, understanding, and a message, for a critically important, and very non-fiction, cause.



  1. Ralph Scott says:

    DIVORCE CORP. clearly hit the emotional chord it was designed to strike. It also left me feeling considerably more hopeless. Friday used to be family night out. Ironically, had my (former) family gone out to the movies last night for a family-themed subject, they would have seen a dangerous and out of control anti-family beast, captured on celluloid, that’s perhaps only bested by Bambi Meets Godzilla. I’m Bambi, my fellow single parents are Bambi. Family Court is unquestionably Godzilla. Anyone who has ever experienced the ravages of the Family Court monster, and anyone who hasn’t but knows someone going through it, should see this film. In fact, it should be required viewing in every high school civics class in the country. Perhaps then, a generation will unfold that recognizes that “the best interest of the child” can only be supported and delivered by ‘Shared Parenting.’

    Ralph Scott
    Associate Editor

  2. Yes, a must see movie. This piggy back very well with CT’s Public hearing n front of the Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children January 9th Public Hearing that was held on January 9 in Hartford, CT. Almost 15 hours of testimony by parents and experts taking the public hearing to well after midnight. These stories are just horrific and the exposure was definitely needed.

  3. Bobby Franklin says:

    Years ago, my kids were kidnapped & placed interstate by this RICO system, on a “neglect” charge I had reversed on appeal. It’s been a long time coming.

  4. Wow Cole, very well written. I hope that more people will pay attention and demand change. I found extremely interesting that taxpayers pay 3.1 billion yearly in California to Family Courts and they also pay for the programs which subsidize the couple and their children after the money is all gone to lawyers.

  5. Puri Shea says:

    This is good a reality tv show! It is on the system is very, very broken, and the fault lies squarely at the feet of judges, attorneys, and psychologists who profit from it. Exactly what happens to my uncontested divorce court #1, and custody court #2 were all my ex-husband’s interests, not minding our four minor children’s interests and that including the CPS, and FCS were manipulated by his attorney who is also a PRO TEMP JUDGE in the Santa Clara County, Rebecca Sue Jones. They’d filed accusations after accusations against me and my fiancee at that time 2008, also because of his attorney thinks “SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW” rubbing off shoulders of the judges who involved in my divorce and custody are conflict of interest. Not knowing also that this attorney/PRO TEMP Judge altered the registered and document dockets labeled me that I supposedly have “TRO”. Please note I never had a DV, or TRO infact my exhusband was the one who offered and filed in the court 72% custody on the mother and he was 28% custody DUE to he was busy traveling moving monies and of course seeing his 3rd mistress in asia… THAT WAS TWO OF THE CAUSED OF THE DIVORCE: SEX AND MONEY! WE HAVE FOUR MINOR CHILDREN AT THE TIME OF CHILD CUSTODY BATTLE!

  6. The movie… brought alot of the issues out of the compartments in the back of my mind.

    I learned I have the capacity to persevere… because I had no choice. I lived every aspect of the movie… but that was just the tip of my family court iceberg which is currently The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 filed in Eastern District of PA and served to the Attorneys General of each state to address the unconstitutional law which mandates the court misconduct and corruption be ignored. Currently in the Thirds Circuit Court of Appeals. http://www.work2bdone.com/live

    • Puri Shea says:

      Thank you for you all to put together with this maginficent reality show for divorce family and children. Now we have heard from god above that someone step up like you. Keep up your good work, god bless you all, PS. I have issues with the corrupt superior court judges including FCS, CPS, and my exhusbands attorney who is also a PRO TEMP Judge where my custody was on 2008.

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