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San Diego Judicial Election 2014: The Research Library from Carpe Dicta

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Carpe DictaIn the coming June 3, 2014 San Diego County judicial elections

voters seeking to do their own thinking have choices—but often little information.  Judges by nature operate in closeted forums—a courtroom is public, but unlike politicians, the public and media have limited time or inclination to follow and record a judge’s every move.

But judges create many records—in court almost every word they utter is transcribed.  Their opinions are written in orders. Their reasoning is carefully reviewed by other judges on appeal.  Access to those records, however, is limited, and few other than those immediately interested in a given matter have sufficient desire to access such records.

If it were possible to gather in one place all of a candidate judge’s public statements, transcripts, orders, opinions, records, financials, campaign literature, publications, and personal data in one place, available to all voters, wouldn’t that be a great way to evaluate a judge running for office?  [More…]


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  1. The biggest problem is you can’t get a hold of what that judge has even said. If you ask the court how, they won’t tell you. Even through California Public Records act. They ignore those, contrary to the law. The only way is to find out what cases they have done. But the court keeps no list of cases a judge has appeared on that they will provide even upon request. I am happy to go to the courthouse and see if anyone else will come with me to see if we can get that list. Anyone who wants to come with me, please email me ginny@ecobaby.com

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