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Advice for Parents Considering or Involved in a Custody Dispute: The Chaos of Courts, Lawyers, and Psychologists Exposed

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Phoenix program cover thumbnailFrom California Coalition’s litigation library this week we bring you the inside word on custody evaluations from judges, lawyers, and evaluators themselves.  When is a custody evaluation legal? When is it appropriate? When should it be ordered? What is the policy of courts in making these decisions?

Three Los Angeles Family Court practitioners explain their policies and practices at the 2012 10th Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations in Phoenix. The audio is linked below.

If you’ve been told or otherwise believe child custody evaluations are well-studied, regular processes–like an operation or physical therapy–what you’re about to learn will amaze you.

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  1. JaneQ says:

    California custody evaluators have a bad rap – and for good reason. Many of them, such as Kenneth Perlmutter, and countless others, promote high-conflict, child abuse, molestation of the kids, and repeatedly recommend that children go back to live with the parent that has battered or molested them.

    This is the norm, folks, and while some good evaluators are out there, it’s less common.

    Below are some of the Bay Area bozo evaluators – buyer beware!




    • JaneQ criticizes evaluators for good reason–they’re quacks. See our article on evaluator fraud–search “Tippins” on this site.

      Psychologists don’t have a crystal ball. They aren’t lie detectors. They can’t cure anyone–much less parents in a heated dispute.

      But you knew this going in. So, why, parents, did you hire them to begin with? To find the truth? To agree with you? To “cure” your co-parent?

      Unlikely at best. Delusional more likely.

      Good luck parents–give love and get out as fast as you can.

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