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Federal Court Puts the Cuffs On San Diego County Child Protective Services

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United States District Judge Thomas Whelan Issues “Blistering” Opinion Regarding San Diego CPS Battery of Children

October 3, 2014–San Diego, CA–A United States District Judge this week issued a “blistering” Order against San Diego County Child Protective Services workers, and their employer, the County of San Diego, for CPS’s unwarranted removal of the two children of Joanna and Steven Swartwood from their home for two days.  Excerpts and analysis from the order granting summary judgment in the case by Judge Thomas Whelan:

“Plaintiffs filed this lawsuit after D.S. and R.S. were removed from their home without a warrant and subjected to medical exams, which included a urine test and examination of their genitalia, without notice to Steven or Joanna.”

“Plaintiffs contend Defendants’ conduct in removing the children, continuing to detain the children, and conducting the medical exams violated their Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights and are suing under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 [and state law.]”

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  1. My name is Leslie Williams I am Learning Disabled But VERY SMART Im being Railroaded like you whould not even imagine in the San Diego Superior Court On Dec 1’st 2014 12;30 Pm Racketeering Human trafficking and Illegal Syndicated Probate Control for Same and Insurance fraud ORGANIZED CRIME in the System Lawyers SDPD Police Officers Doctors Sherrifs Deputys UCSD Campus Police Its a Syndicate ARE Prosecutors Involved-Will they steal Identification cards Food Stamp cards 1200:00 in Cash Phones Tape Recorders Im predicting it Now they Cleaverly orchestrated the Arrest For illegal lodging Camping to use the Curt date for these Crimminal Motivevations their Schemes Ive been exposing them for 2.5 years on You Tube I pray someone comes to teh Courtroom in the San Diego Superior Court House 12;30 PM to watch to see How Im Intimidated Coheresed Influenced to not ask for a Trial and How they Put me in Jail Because im requesting for a Trial or Not

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