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Family Court Litigants’ Guide to Filing a Federal RICO Lawsuit Against Family Courts, Attorneys, Psychologists

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California Coalition is grateful that the materials we’ve made available at Weightier Matter have been well-received by so many families and children who have been harmed by Family Court professionals.

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Among the hundreds of emails and phone calls we receive each month, the most common question is “how can I file a RICO action in my jurisdiction?”  It’s a great question, and we’re eager to help, but unfortunately the answer is complex and depends greatly on factors unique to each jurisdiction.  Therefore, our ability to give firm guidance is usually limited.

However, there are some common suggestions we can pass along to you based on our experience to date.  What can you do to bring a RICO action in your jurisdiction? Here are a few tips.

Get Organized

While any individual can bring a RICO lawsuit, we suggest that potential RICO litigants consider finding other like-minded families within your jurisdiction (i.e., state or county) who can help with the grass-roots work.  RICO and civil rights conspiracy cases are enormously complex, requiring pleading detailed facts to support claims describing the inner-workings of your jurisdiction’s Family Courts, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and other related professionals.  We have seen many parents attempting to fight alone fail.  Organizing with others has many benefits that help you avoid common pitfalls.

Every jurisdiction has dozens of harmed litigants, yet it is likely that each individual who has been harmed has only seen

Groups Can Generate Spirit–and Evidence of Crime!

one facet of the Family Law Community.  By reaching out to others to form groups, litigants can “share notes” to find common illegal practices, bad actors, veiled relationships, and systemic behaviors that support RICO elements of enterprise, scheme to defraud, quid-pro-quo, and conspiracy.  Litigants’ pooled knowledge can enable collection, analysis, and recordation of the foundation of a viable lawsuit.

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  1. Cameron Couey says:

    I am dealing with racketeering with the Sonoma county family court system. The therapists the court has ordered us to have all lied and I have proven in court. Yet the court has always taken there recommendations. I have dealt with court mediators who were both former family law attorneys. My son was assaulted by my ex wife’s boyfriend at 2 1/2 years old. His therapist, doctor and other witnesses testified and all the court did was keep him away from my son for 7 months then ordered a reunification with this person. Then put my son back in this dangerous environment. I forgot to mention he is an admitted alcoholic whom my ex and her attorney lied about for 4 years. I was put on probation illegally for 1 year as stated by the court when my ex’s attorney tried to have it illegally extended. Witnesses have testified to the domestic violence that my son was exposed to and how he was mistreated by mothers boyfriend. I have been bullied and blocked from due process by orders that violate my rights. The best part is when my ex and her attorney filed an ex parte 5 years after divorce claiming my ex needed my car because she didn’t have one. I turned in to the court a copy of my ex’s DMV registration showing she leased a BMW a month befor filing an ex parte. I also turned into the court emails I sent her attorney with confirmation of payment on my only vehicle and her thanking me yet a month later in court she knowingly lied and told the court her client made the previous months payment. All lies !! My automobile was granted to me in our property settlement. I was beyond irate and requested the judge have them charged with perjury. He refused and lied in his mailed decision. Stating I made a few payments over 5 years and my ex made the rest. They did not turn in a single bank statement or cancelled check to show she made a single payment during this 5 year period because the evidence does not exist. I requested a month before trial that the judge remove himself for being bias and rewarding two liars and keeping my car from me that I paid for !! What his lie did was protect my ex and her attorney from prosecution for perjury by the DA. The judge was aware I filed a report with local law enforcement for perjury. Due to his corruption the DA could do nothing because this corrupt lying judge had already adjudicated this filing. I can prove everything I’m saying with my bank statements, text messages, emails to and from ex’s attorney and a DMV printout proving this ex parte should have never been filed not granted. I am disgusted with this incestuos system. Now I have been without an automobile for a year and a half. Here is the kicker. I have filed 6 custody modifications showing the court mother does not exercise her custodial time with school sign out records. Nothing has been done. In fact I was ordered to pay half the amount for a custody eval. When my son is never there. So know it’s been 13 months since she last spoke to or saw our son and I am being forced to share custody on paper. This is criminal neglect and desertion of a child. We live in the same town. I cannot find attorney in my county to touch this case because they are all cowards !! I don’t sue judges. I don’t sue attorneys. This is what I hear from them. I am seeking legal help with my situation and am open to here from any interested parties. I just want what’s right. These corrupt people in our legal system need to be held accountable or they just continue bullying people, threatening people and blocking my rights to due process.

  2. familycourtfemmesfightingcorruption says:


  3. David s Clippinger says:

    Had commissioner Powosik sequestered 100% of commission as realtor for almost 2yrs in North County SanDiego court attny Patti rattekin opposing counsel. Please advise how to get into how to join

  4. One thing that all this information implies is that judges are essentially like ‘princes’ or dukes in the feudal system with small fiefdoms of their own, regardless of the facts or laws.

    If the message that lawyers are useless why would anyone waste their money on one?

    Why are there no functioning higher level checks and balances?

    Could it really be this bad or is this a psyop to discourage people from even trying?

    One also wonders why are opposition pleadings missing?

    Perhaps they’re in a different file or have been added since I last checked or was my search too short and they there all along?

    Thanks for any answers you might have on this very important matter as literal slavery is alive and well in California! (Kalifornia?)

    Qabala, [or the refined version “MK Ultra”], mind control is the main vehicle in modern slavery within Hollywood and without via medical procedures.

    Note: Remember this cult uses the Hegelian dialectic which in this case would be to reduce court cases by giving the impression of it being a total waste of time and money; impressions of utter hopelessness would be their best target. Sound familiar?

    While many cases are setup to be “communistic” by prohibiting releases of information, judges can be made to look very bad if this is pointed out in advance and made public.

  5. Teresa Simon says:

    We had our 13-year-old boy taken to get him on a cruise alone with an old man in a one-bed cabin March 31, 2015, against our wishes. We have fought and fought to get him back but have not been able to do it. Just the actual attorney bills are $325,000. We have no visitation, no criminal record, no drug record, no violence… and no child. Spokane Superior Court Case # 15302130-1. My phone number is 509 535 6500. Tj

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